Some new friends…

Meet the new puppies, Molly and Teddy. Half Spanish Water Dog, half Poodle, 100% bouncy puppy cuteness!

IMG_0244 (Small)Lucy and I took the pups down to the river near their house for a bit of crazy running about and splashing in the water. Teddy found himself a prickly Chestnut casing and wouldn’t let Molly near it. He didn’t seem bothered by the prickles!….

IMG_0304 (Small)   IMG_0324 (Small)   IMG_0282 (Small)

IMG_0256 (Small)   IMG_0176 (Small)   IMG_0231 (Small)

IMG_0275 (Small)


We also met the beautiful Daisy cat last week. She gave us a grand tour of the grounds, including her favourite sitting spots, her favourite drinking spot and some great leaf-chasing spots!…

IMG_0365 (Small)

IMG_0362 (Small)   IMG_0374 (Small)   IMG_0377 (Small)

IMG_0391 (Small)   IMG_0380 (Small)   IMG_0338 (Small)