All this rain has its advantages… at least to dogs. Sanchez, Milo and Archie enjoyed a bit of splashing about at Chapel Common where we found a huge pond to play in.

Chapel Common (Swimming)

Sanchez was most keen on the water. Each time I threw a stick in he was first to leap in after it. Once retreived he would do a mad, excited dash around in circles with Milo and Archie chasing him desperately trying to keep up.

IMG_3512   IMG_3609

IMG_3671   IMG_3661

Milo also got carried away in the moment and dived in after Sanchez. I’ve not seen him swim before!

IMG_3532   IMG_3393

IMG_3370   IMG_3440

Archie seemed less inclined to get wet. He seems to prefer his water-mud ratio to be a little higher in favour of mud. He did enjoy joining in the mad dashes outside of the pond however and joined in with a bit of shaking as Sanchez climbed out.

IMG_3476   IMG_3521

IMG_3468   IMG_3525

All a lot of fun!

IMG_3623   IMG_3632

IMG_3573   IMG_3638

IMG_3642   IMG_3773