Other Services

Dog Walking

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  • 1 hour small group walk                                     £11 per dog

A group dog walk will include a 50-60 minute walk (excluding travel time) on local commonland and footpaths, plus occasional photos uploaded to a personal photo folder for you to view all the pictures that we take of your dog (see Pet Photos below for more info). We try to keep our walks interesting so will often take different routes, go swimming, go cross-country, sometimes go far and fast, sometimes go slower allowing lots of sniffing and play on the way. Whatever happens, you can be sure that your dog will get a good amount of exercise and plenty of mental stimulation. Group walks accomodate a maximum of 6 dogs per walk, and these can be on or off lead depending on your preference. We walk 5 days a week and do not cover weekends. We are also fully insured.

Please do check out the Blog and see the sorts of things we get up to.


Pet Photos provided by Dawn Oldham Photography

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When we walk dogs and visit homes we often take photos so that you can see what your pet has been up to while he or she is with us. These are available for you to view or download for free at a small size with a watermark. If however you wish to purchase high-resolution watermark-free copies then they are available at the following prices…

  • Digital Files
    • 1-9 professional photos                                           £5 each
    • Sets of 10 professional photos                               £40 each set


Home Visits (Cats/small pets):

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  • Regular home visit  (feed, litter tray, up to 30 min stay & play)        £10 per visit
  • Extended home visit  (feed, litter tray, 1 hour  stay & play)                £20 per visit

We can pop into your home as required to ensure your pets are fed, happy and healthy. This can be a quick feeding visit or a longer visit including cuddles and stimulating play. Home Visits offer a stress free alternative to boarding while you are away from home. Home Visits are for cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, fish and any other small home based pets.


Home Visits (Dogs):

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  • 30 minute visit     £10
  • 1 hour visit            £20

Dog Home Visits are ideal for older/unwell dogs and puppies who cannot come out for a full walk or are unsuitable for Crèche but need some attention during the day while you are at work. We can pop in to your home to let them out to the toilet, clean up any little ‘accidents’, play, cuddle, exercise and feed them.