Today I had the pleasure of walking Smudge the Cocker Spaniel at Marley Common. He was very well behaved and lots of fun. We played fetch for a while and got some funny running pictures…

IMG_8123   IMG_8159   IMG_8214

…and some stick chewing…

IMG_8171    IMG_8167

What a cutie!

IMG_8249   IMG_8060   IMG_8300   IMG_8367

IMG_8220   IMG_8312



Archie & Sanchez walk to the river

Archie met Sanchez for the first time today. They got on brilliantly! Archie is very quickly becoming confident around other dogs and hopefully he will soon be one of the pack.

IMG_7851 (Small)   IMG_7939 (Small)   IMG_7908 (Small)

IMG_7879 (Small)     IMG_7965 (Small)




IMG_7751   IMG_7774   IMG_7801

Archie the cuddly King Charles is a bit nervous about meeting other dogs so I took him to the Creche today while it was closed to meet Missy the resident Newfoundland. He was nervous at first but once she got bored of sniffing him he settled on the sofa to check her out from a distance. This is his ‘checking her out’ face…


IMG_7566   IMG_7571

We then popped out for a little walk in the woods. We met a horse which Archie seemed completely unperturbed by.


IMG_7647   IMG_7697   IMG_7632

IMG_7665   IMG_7641   IMG_7580

Swimming at Waggoners Wells

IMG_7335 (Small)   IMG_7459 (Small)   IMG_7222 (Small)

On Wednesday I took the dogs for wander around Waggoners Wells. After a few minutes of standing on the side the ducks came over to have a look at us. This is Sanchez’s ‘looking at ducks’ face…

IMG_7205 (Small)

He was very good and didn’t dive straight in after them. He looked at me with a sideways glance as if to say “is it ok if I get in?”. I gave him the nod and off he went…

IMG_7347 (Small)

IMG_7351 (Small)   IMG_7267 (Small)   IMG_7367 (Small)

And then much to my surprise, Milo plucked up the courage to jump in too. Normally he won’t even step in a puddle!

IMG_7396 (Small)     IMG_7383 (Small)

… the obligatory shake…                                              definitely more effective OUT of the water…

IMG_7360 (Small)     IMG_7371 (Small)

…followed by a manic run around to dry off…

IMG_7283 (Small)   IMG_7303 (Small)   IMG_7243 (Small)

IMG_7097 (Small)   IMG_7127 (Small)   IMG_7446 (Small)


Bramshott & Waggoners Wells Route

Bramshott & Waggoner's Loop

Monday’s dog walk at Bramshott and Wagonners Wells. Distance: 3.6 miles (5.8 km). Time taken: 1 hour 16 minutes.

Walkers Info: The route is mostly on dry, well-made, wide paths so great for wet weather, particularly on higher ground. The ‘straight’ along the bottom of the map is on an old disused road with tarmac under foot. The South East corner of the route passes quite close to the A3 and so dogs that like to ‘explore’ are probably best kept on a lead at the 2 closest points. Some of the lower paths are a little muddy, mainly those leading down to and away from Wagonners wells, although the paths surrounding the ponds are fairly dry with lots of protruding roots. The route was walked at a fast pace but with a few stops for the dogs to play on route.


How much exercise does your dog need?

While browsing the web I came across this interesting article and infographic about how much exercise various breeds of dog need. Some of the breeds are exactly where you’d expect on the scale but some of the breeds are surprising. It goes to show that size is no indication at all of the amount of exercise needed with the Great Dane coming in at the bottom end of the scale!  It’s interesting to see that Huskies and Retreivers need less exercise than Boxers or Rottweilers and that the Cocker and Cavalier Spaniels need considerably less exercise than the English Springer Spaniel. Well worth a read, especially for anyone considering getting a puppy…


Best pine cone in the world!

IMG_6723 (Small)

Milo has found the most exciting pine cone in the entire world! I’m not sure why it was so exciting to him but the moment he saw it he lept on it in a kind of pine cone attacking frenzy that involved throwing it up into the air, pouncing, snuffling it into the ground, digging around it and then running at break-neck speed around it before starting again. He literally went bonkers! And strangely, when we returned to the same spot the following day he immediately went into a frenzy again.

IMG_6609 (Small)   IMG_6726 (Small)   IMG_6626 (Small)              

IMG_6687 (Small)

This has been a playful week all round. Sanchez has been unusually boucy too and has even joined in a few games of fetch much to Milo’s delight. (Photos at Bramshott Common)

IMG_6137 (Small)   IMG_6185 (Small)

IMG_6422 (Small)    IMG_6416 (Small)    IMG_6375 (Small)

IMG_6945 (Small)   IMG_6270 (Small)   IMG_6871 (Small)

IMG_6457 (Small)   IMG_6320 (Small)   IMG_6395 (Small)

We have a new doggy too! A little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel called Archie… He joined me on a wander across Marley Common this Thursday.

IMG_6966 (Small)

IMG_7019 (Small)   IMG_7031 (Small)

Walkies at Bramshott Common

Hello peeps! So this is the first (test) blog of hopefully many more to come. I thought it might be nice to share with you some of the photos, routes and fun that your doggies have been having out on our walkies. All the pictures can be enlarged by clicking on them (use the browser back button to return to this page) and if you would like any of them as full-resolution jpegs without watermarks then you can purchase them for just £5 each. Just email me at I can also arrange for them to be put on just about anything… cups, coasters, phone covers, canvas…. the list goes on! (Only 3 months til Christmas- wink wink!)

Anyway, I hope that you enjoy seeing what your four-legged friend has been getting up to on our walkies. Would love to get some feedback too.

Bramshott high loop (Small)

Bramshott Common- Circular walk. Total Distance: 2.4 miles. Time: 1hour 7 mins. Trail marked in blue.

This is a lovely loop walk, ideal for wet weather as the route is mainly on high ground and mostly on well made paths. The heather is out at the moment so the views are stunning too.

IMG_5584 (Medium)   IMG_5694 (Medium)

IMG_5599 (Medium)   IMG_5805 (Medium)

Milo the cheeky little Toy Poodle and Sanchez the impeccably behaved black Labradoor have been getting to know each other. Milo loves Sanchez and has been following him around desperately trying to get him to play. Sanchez is more interested in sniffing deer trails than playing but the two enjoy one anothers company and are a great pair to walk together.

IMG_5744 (Medium)   IMG_5731 (Medium)

IMG_5588 (Medium)   IMG_5795 (Medium)

Neither of the dogs seem overly interested in playing fetch. I threw a few sticks but was just glared at with a “and what exactly are you expecting me to do?” look. Sanchez did however find one stick in particular that he fancied having a chew on. It seemed to be a special stick – not sure what was special about it but it’s the first stick i’ve seen him take interest in and he didn’t want to share it with Milo.

IMG_5756 (Medium)   IMG_5624 (Medium)