We finally have a female dog in our pack! Carla is a lovely gentle giant who loves a good game of stick and plays beautifully with the other dogs. She is fitting in fantastically well and is always a pleasure to walk.


Also, hello spring! Its finally drying out under foot and the muddier paths are now firm enough to walk on without fear of losing a welly. Horay!

IMG_7855   IMG_7864

IMG_7953   IMG_7962

IMG_8029   IMG_8016

IMG_8063    IMG_8090

IMG_8078   IMG_8122   IMG_8076

IMG_8143    IMG_7839

(Photos at Marley Common and Bramshott Common)

The Three Amigos!

We have recently been joined by Shadow – a super cute Cockapoo. He is full of beans and has made very good friends with the other Spaniels. They are the perfect walking companions and have been endlessly tumbling through the undergrowth. Lenny and Shadow hardly stop to take breath! Archie takes on a more advisory role in the games, barking at the others like a referee, although once he got his confidence up to properly join in the ‘rough and tumble’ he really enjoyed himself. The three of them are literally one huge bundle of fluffy energy. Great fun! (Photos at Marley Common)


IMG_7657   IMG_7617

IMG_7315   IMG_7694

IMG_7639   IMG_7792


This week Chippy, a Miniature Schnauzer, joined us on our walks…. (Photos at Henley Common)


IMG_7110   IMG_7145


Welcome Lenny!

Lenny, the gorgeous Working Cocker Spaniel has recently joind the ‘pack’ and has been loads of fun. Sid especially has enjoyed playing with him. Here are a few photos of our pleasantly chilly walk on Thursday at Grayswood…


IMG_5742   IMG_5807

IMG_5838   IMG_5876

IMG_5967  IMG_6041

IMG_6102   IMG_6127


The last few days have been brilliant! The ground has FINALLY frozen so we have been able to walk without sinking into it. The dogs are loving it…. (Photos at Bramshott Common and Henley Common)


IMG_4314   IMG_4375


IMG_3913   IMG_4097

IMG_3972   IMG_3999